NextGen Leaders Gather in Greece


In Glyfada (Athens) Greece, NextGen met together to discuss the future of growth in the a�?millenniala�? community. Their meeting covered the next step to integrating the younger generation into Empowered21 events and group meetings. Equipping the young new leaders in sub-groups and mentoring sessions instead of pulpit preaching which tends to create a more authentic conversation. A�

NextGen leaders are learning that the younger generation is rising up and clinging to a fellowship that is personal and one-on-one. Increasing small groups with a mature pastor who will lead question and answer forums, leaving leaders of all ages with time to sit, get involved, and receive in a discussion setting. With this, young leaders can learn how to talk personally with each other. Leadership that connects personally with their community establishes a relationship that is based on intimacy.

People want to connect with meaning. A cause to fight for that feels personal to them. The message of Christ should always feel personal, and when focusing on growth in a more intimate setting like cell/small groups, leaders are creating an authentic personal interaction that their secular community can grasp on to. The next generation is ready to be equipped and informed. It is time for the elders to pass on the baton to the next generation. With respect to the other generation, younger leaders can grow in their own strengths with the help of these elders. A strong union can form which will impact not only themselves and their personal communities, but the Empowered21 community as a whole.

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation