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E21 Partners with Enlace, Luis Palau MinistriesA�&A�Expolit atA�Expolit 2012
Most Historic Congress in Decades for The Latin American Church as TheyA�Pass the Torch From One Generation to The Next Generation

Pasando la Antorcha at Empoderados21

Miami, Fla.a�� Empoderados21 in partnership with Enlace, the Luis Palau Association, and Expolit will bring esteemed Latin American Christian leaders and next generation voices together for their congress to be held at Expolit Convention in Miami, Fla., May 4-8, 2012.

Billy Wilson, Executive Director for the International Center for Spiritual Renewal and Empowered21 said, a�?Empoderados21 is excited to be partnering with Expolit, Enlace and Luis Palau ministries to address the significant Kingdom transition now taking place in the Latin American church. The Spirit-empowered church in Latin America has experienced a great revival over the last few decades. Now, as a new generation of leaders arises, the question is whether or not the revival will continue and the power of the Holy Spirit in Latin America willA�be experienced in ever increasing ways. We believe it can and must so we are uniting together for a dynamic future. We look forwardA�to what the Lord will do at Expolit this year.a�?

Organizers believe it is time to extend the anointing, to fill other fields, to expand territories in reaching their children, their colleagues in ministry, and all who are with them at this Congress. The topic to be discussed at the various plenary sessions and workshops during the Congress is about delivering the natural process of leadership and authority to the new generation, at home and in the congregation–delivering and receiving the torch of Christian leadership, so that the Spirit-empowered movement of Latin American countries overflows to the whole world.

During the four-day event, there will be 16 plenary sessions led by ministry leaders such as Luis Palau, Andres Palau (a next generation leader and son of Luis Palau), Otoniel and Omayra Font, Emilio Abreu, Claudio Freidzon, Jonas Gonzalez and Juanita Cercone, Esteban Solis (a next generation leader and son of Hugo and Ruth de Solis), Evelio Reyes, and Omar Cabreraa��with the purpose of bringing together intergenerational, multi-denominational and Christian leaders to bless a new generation with the power of the Holy Spirit believing that Empoderados21 is a gateway to revival in Latin America and across the globe.

Juanita Cercone of Enlace, said, a�?I am very excited to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in different Hispanic ministries with one sense: the need to prepare the coming generations to walk in the paths we have drawn. That is why we have decided to be a part of this initiative to train our leaders on how to pass the baton. Latin America is a young continent where the gospel has few years of history, so it is crucial that we do not stop now but rather base ourselves on the fundamentals of those pioneers that have opened the way for us, understanding that what we leave behind will be the base for many achievements to come. The time of transition should not be abrupt but they must walk with us, being a part of what we do, filled with the vision of what the Lord has given and always attentive to the specific direction that God has for them. Sadly, we have seen how many ministries end with the minister, and a replacement generation is not prepared. Our God is a generational God, he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that is how we should project ourselves in our ministerial lives. I understand that the ministry is not just the pulpit. The Congreso de Liderazgo Pasando la Antorcha will join the most prominent Hispanic leaders of this generation to share their experiences and life lessons with regards to this topic. Come and receive an impartation to be a key instrument in the generational relay of our time.a�?

Joining these notable speakers at Empoderados21 will be a plethora of significant ministry leaders from across Latin America and the US, instructing and speaking on pivotal Christian topics and issues affecting Latin America today.

Empoderados21 is an initiative of Empowered21 (www.empowered21.com) which is helping shape the future of the Global Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world by focusing on crucial issues facing the movement and connecting generations for intergenerational blessing and impartation. A very distinct characteristic of the Empoderados21 Latin American Cabinet is that they are including their children or the people they are preparing to go into the ministry in this Congress.

Carlos Barbieri, of the Luis Palau Association, said, a�?Through the various Luis Palaua��s ministries, the Lord has allowed me to serve for many years in organizations, congresses, conferences, seminars and different events. I can say that this Congreso Iberoamericano de Liderazgo will perhaps be the most important for the Hispanic church in decades because the topic of Passing the Torch involves two generations: those who pass the torch and those who receive it. It speaks of a historic moment in the heart of a family, or of a congregation, or of a ministry in which the one who leads and carries the mantel of the Lord passes it with the authority and power of the Spirit. It speaks of Goda��s time for change. It speaks of a movement forward, of an extension for His glory.A� How I wish thousands could attend this Congress in May! Because we are seeing a unique move of the Holy Spirit in all of Latin America, and we must be a part of that move. I encourage you to set these days off so that, guided by experienced servants of God; we may seek His face in His Word.a�?

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said, a�?I believe God is empowering His church for this: the last match in the game. It is very encouraging to see different ministries bringing their callings, resources and passion for the strengthening of the kingdom of God. Our prayer is that the Hispanic ministries worldwide can capture the essence of Jesusa�� prayer in John 17, and that we may have a greater impact in evangelism and missions on a global scale.a�?

Empowered21 leadership is excited to announce the first year of the Pentecost Sunday Initiative.A� A�The Empowered21 global initiative is scheduled for Pentecost weekend and Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2012, in which pastors around the world will lead their church in experiencing the transforming, renewing, empowering truth of the Holy Spirit. (Downloadable ResourcesA�at:A�www.pentecostsunday.tv )

Eleven Empowered21 global leadership teams have formed to pursue initiatives and events in their region of the world.A� Each regional cabinet, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, United States, USA Hispanic, Oceania, and the Caribbean operate under the same global vision for Empowered21 in their regions.

That every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit a�� by Pentecost 2033.


The Empoderados21 Latin America Cabinet includes:A� Jonas Gonzalez and (Co-Chair) Juanita Cercone with daughters, Rebecca and Melissa Gonzalez (Enlace, Dallas, TX) and (Co-Chair) Claudio and Betty Freidzon with son and daughter, Sebastian and Daniela Freidzon (Iglesia Rey de Reye, Argentina), Emilio and Bethany Abreu and son, Josh Abreu (Iglesia Centro Familiar, Paraguay), Edwin Alvarez (Hosanna Vision, Panama), Omar Cabrera with daughter, Jessica (Iglesia Vision del Futuro, Argentina), Ilya Carrera (Centro Cristiano Betania, Panama), Otoniel and Omayra Font with daughter, Joanirie Font (Iglesia Fuente de Agua Viva de Carolina, Puerto Rico), Francisco Loor with daughter, Raquel Loor (Fundacion Enlace Ecuador, Ecuador), Juan Carlos Manzewitsch (Ministerios Vision Internacional, Argentina), Javier Olivares (Enlace Mexico DF, Mexico), Jesus and Teresita Perez with sons, Oswaldo Ortiz and Zohar Perez (Ministerio Obispal Latinoamerica, Venezuela), Evelio Reyes with daughter and son, Sara and Daniel Reyes (Enlace Honduras, Honduras), Hugo and Ruth Solis with son and daughter, Esteban Vargas and Cristina AcuA�a (Centro Evangelistico, Costa Rica), and Raul and Dinorah Vargas with son, Eduardo Vargas (Iglesia Oasis, Costa Rica), Billy Wilson (Empowered21 Executive Director).



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