Empowered21 Thursday General Sessions
and Ministry Tracks Begin in Jerusalem

E21 Thursday General Sessions and Ministry Tracks Begin in Jerusalem

JERUSALEMa�� Pastor Jack Hayford, E.A. Adeboye and Claudio Freidzon opened the morninga��s general session on Thursday, May 21, the first full day of Empowered21 in Jerusalem.

Hayford delivered the first of two morning devotion sessions he will lead during the event. Speaking from Exodus chapter 3, Hayford used Mosesa�� experience with the burning bush when presenting the question, a�?Who am I that God can use me?a�?

a�?There is a call of God upon every one of us,a�? Hayford said. a�?Sometimes you may feel as if you are marking time, but as He did with Moses, God redeems timea��Goda��s call on you is an unquenchable one.a�?

Global co-chair of Empowered21, George O. Wood, moderated the morning session, introducing keynote speakers from two continents. E.A. Adeboye, pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria, expounded on Matthew 11:28-30. Claudio Freidzon pastor of Iglesia Rey de Reyes k nin Buenos Aires. Joined on stage by his daughter, Daniela, challenged the audience in both English and his native Spanish, on spiritual awakening. Freidzona��s message was followed by masses of congregants flooding the front of the stage seeking a fresh anointing of Goda��s presence.

In the afternoon, Empowered21 hosted 12 ministry tracks in the arena. Sessions began at noon and included tracks entitled, a�?Word of the Hour,a�? a�?Sons and Daughters,a�? a�?The Move of the Spirit in the Land Today,a�? a�?The Creative Path,a�? a�?Business Leadership Goda��s Way,a�? a�?Spirit Empowered Discipleship,a�? a�?Prophecy and the End Times Next Gen Trending,a�? a�?Values and Min,a�? a�?Israel and the Church Today,a�? a�?True Religion: Compassion,a�? a�?Scholars Onea�? and a�?Scholars Two.a�?

a�?The ministry tracks featured teaching from some of the most notable Spirit-empowered leaders from around the globe,a�? said William M. Wilson, president and global co-chair of Empowered21. a�?From business to prophecy we are hosting a wide variety of tracks to equip the Spirit-empowered Christian community here at this congress.a�?

The evening general session will begin at 7 p.m. IST/12 p.m. EST. Speakers include John Francis, founder and pastor of Ruach City Church; Niko Njotorahardjo, senior pastor of Gereja Bethel Indonesia.


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