Empowered21 Region Focus: Asia

Empowered21 is divided into 14 regional cabinets that cover the entire world to pursue initiatives and events. In this issue of the Empowered21 newsletter, we’re focusing on the Asia cabinet first with a dynamic video that captures the spirit of the Asia Congress, and then with a first-hand report from Empowered21 assistant Kristin Towles.



Magnificent. Unified. Presence. These are the words that come to mind when I think back on the Empowered21 activities that took place in Singapore this past summer. As event planner, I arrived in country a week ahead of the Empowered21 Asia Congress. I was in awe. As I met with the host ministry and conference staff, I was amazed how everyone worked together in unison. Unlike what some may see in their companies or organizations, there was no a�?you,a�? a�?them,a�? or a�?usa�? about teamwork.


Entering the space of the Congress, there was a oneness of the people there, from Empowered21 leadership to the event staff to the community that joined in as the worship artists ushered in the presence of God into the Singapore Expo. The residue of the teachings that took place at the Congress still echo in my heart even now. Here are a few excerpts that stood out to me:


a�?The ultimate purpose of spiritual revival is to see the fulfilment of the Great Commission.a�? Lawrence Khong, Senior Pastor, FCBC Singapore


a�?In the 20th century, you saw an anointing on a select few. In the 21st century, youa��ll see a distributed anointing.a�? Billy Wilson, President, Oral Roberts University


a�?If we are a church that believes in God, we must operate in His power.a�? Omar Cabrera, Jr., Senior Pastor, VisiA?n de Futuro Church


a�?We must… take that baton of the Gospel and win our world for Jesus.a�? Daniel Kolenda, President, Christ for All Nations


a�?There is divine knowledge that God unfolded through Jesus.a�? Rev. Colton Wickramaratne, Founding Pastor, Peoplea��s Church Colombo


a�?God is also a God for the next generation that will arise.a�? Lee Seung Bang, All Nations Church Jeju


a�?When you speak hope through Jesus Christ, the people come to listen to that hope.a�? David Yonggi Cho, Yoido Full Gospel Church


a�?One body can move forward full of Goda��s Kingdom to disciple the nations.a�? Rev. James Wong, Chapel of Resurrection Singapore


a�?When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall receive power; that power will work inside of you first, your character will be transformed.a�? David Mohan, New Life Church Chennai


a�?Therea��s a generation of seersa�� because you were willing to humble yourself and tell even your struggles.a�? Cindy Jacobs, Generals International


I am all the more excited about what God is doing in Asia and am eagerly anticipating the ways the Holy Spirit will continue to move there in the wake of this amazing event.

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation