Empowered21 Leadership Commits to PENTECOST 2013

Empowered21 Leadership Commits to PENTECOST 2013

Empowered21 (www.empowered21.org) is committed to seeing new generations experience the power and presence of the living God by providing resources at www.pentecostsunday.tv and encouraging ministry leaders to preach and teach on the Holy Spirit during the weeks leading to Pentecost Sunday, May 19 2013.

Empowered21 launched the Pentecost Initiative, One Daya��One Message, last year, and received personal testimonies and reports of salvation, miracles, healings, baptisms and persons receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit from around the globe. http://pentecostsunday.tv/testimonies/

Pentecost 2013, Embrace the Spirit….to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8) resources offered at www.pentecostsunday.tv include sermon outlines, downloadable videos, 50-day devotional, study materials, and free teaching sessions from Empowered21 leadership at www.ministrycoach.tv.

The Global Vision of Empowered21 remains:
That every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through theA�Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit… by Pentecost 2033.

Pentecost 2103 quotes/endorsements from Empowered21 Leadership:

a�?Those gathered at the first Pentecost would have read or heard the book of Joel many times, yet they never really understood it until their a�?this is thata�? lesson brought personal experience together with Scripturea��both are needed.a�? a�� Billy Wilson, Empowered21 Executive Director and President-elect of Oral Roberts University

a�?Our lifea��s story and the history of the world are written by the same hand. If we dare to listen when the Spirit speaks and do not complicate what he has made simple, then our reach and impact will out-live us.a�? a�� Heath Adamson, Director, National Youth Ministries, Assemblies of God

We are born of the same Spirit who was placed on Jesus, and therefore we are to do as he dida�� preach the good news to the poor, set the burdened and battered free, and announce, a�?This is Goda��s year to act!a�? (Luke 4:18-19) a�� Lisa Bevere, Co-Founder, Messenger International

Rejuvenation describes the work of the Spirit. Many times in Church history it seems like the church would all but disappear but the Holy Spirit would rejuvenate it and life would flow again – the Spirit gives life! a�� Daniel De Leon, Pastor, Templo Calvario

a�?Baptism in the Spirit is an a�?out-of-this-worlda�� event. It cannot be analyzed or organized. Only the Spirit of God knows the things of God.a�? a�� Jeff Farmer, Chairman, Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America

a�?This is that which was written …a�? Our world desperately needs to experience God’s people a�?living His Booka�� that multitudes might be drawn to Jesus as they were at Pentecost.(Acts 2:16) a�� David Ferguson, Director, Intimate Life Ministries

a�?If you look how younger people spend their resources, you can see their pre-occupation with movies and books about the paranormal and extraordinary powers. We have the answers to their quest. The Holy Spirit can give seekers an opportunity to experience a presence and power beyond human capacity.a�? a�� Dr. Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

a�?His presence brings an outpouring of the love of God in our hearts! Pentecost 2013 marks a renewal time for the whole Body of Christ to repeat the quest of the Church at its birth: Come Holy Spirit!a�? a�� Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The Kinga��s University

a�?When you go into the world filled with the Spirit, something’s going to spill over.a�? a��A�Wayne Hilsden, Pastor, King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

a�?To not teach the Church the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is like not teaching your teenager to put oil in their new car… it will burn out.a�? a�� Rob Hoskins, President, OneHope, Inc.

a�?…God wanted to pour out His Spirit on all flesha��all nationsa��Jews and Greeks, slaves and free, male and female, rich and poor. Everyone can come and be filled.a�? a��A�Gordon Robertson, CEO, CBN

a�?New wind required new wineskin. A new life requires a new birth and a new season requires a new anointing. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.a�? a�� Samuel Rodriguez, President, NHCLC

a�?We need another Pentecost today!a�? a�� Steve Strang, Founder, Charisma Magazine

a�?As the birthday of the Church, Pentecost Sunday belongs to all Christians of all denominations. It is our birthday party.a�? a�� Vinson Synan, Dean Emeritus School of Divinity, Regent University

a�?The Pentecost 2013 initiative presents a tangible way to link the Canadian Spirit-empowered community in a mutual emphasis and celebration of the Holy Spirit. We are enthusiastically embracing that opportunity.a�? a�� David Wells, General Superintendent, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

God is calling for a new generation to awaken to experience His fire and reach the world in the 21st Century. No church or ministry is too small or too large to be a part of this unified proclamation of the Holy Spirita��s ministry. Pastors can partner with Empowered21 by committing to preach and teach on the Holy Spirit and registering their participation at www.pentecostsunday.tv.

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