Christmas is an Intergenerational Event!

Zechariah and Elizabeth were both a�?well along in yearsa�? (Luke 1:7) when the angel declared that they would have a child. Joseph and Mary were both teenagers when Gabriel visited Nazareth sharing that she would give birth to the Son of God and call him Jesus.

The Holy Spirit working in the lives of both Elizabeth and Mary ushered in a new day of spiritual life for the world. Elizabeth was six months along when Mary came to visit. John leapt in Elizabetha��s womb as she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Marya��s song stated; a�?His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generationa�? (Luke 1:50).

Since those days in the dusty hills of Judea, Goda��s work has remained intergenerational. The Holy Spirit draws grandparents, parents and children together for new seasons of spiritual life. As we celebrate this holiday season around the world, the same dynamic is true. Generations are connecting in new ways and the Holy Spirit is being poured out afresh. A new day of spiritual life is here.

In 2017, Empowered21 will call the generations together in two large Spirit-filled gatherings in Kyiv, Ukraine, March 16-17 and in Singapore, May 31-June 2. You can find out more at Dona��t miss this amazing moment of intergenerational blessing, impartation and spiritual life for the world!

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation